New Building

The company has long-established relationships with the principal yards of the world engaged in the construction of oil tankers, gas carriers, bulk carriers, container ships, passenger ships, and other specialised vessels.

Our far east base office is dedicated to the rapidly expanding Chinese newbuilding market, where our clients have the advantage of knowing that specialised local staff are in close contact with all the principal shipbuilders. along with its long standing and personal relationships with the largest, most established and well respected shipbuilders in South Korea, China and Japan, ensure the construction of high quality vessels at competitive prices, in line with the client’s needs, preferences and plans.

We constantly follow the latest shipbuilding trends and closely consult with our clients in this respect. Our experienced New Building team advises on new building projects, negotiates and finalizes contracting, including all the important details and follows up on the vessel’s smooth delivery with utmost care and effectiveness.